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How do you identify the best diverse candidates from outside your target schools?

Recruiters tell us that a small number of elite universities are very heavily recruited from, and that to get greater diversity they have to go beyond these institutions. But how, when there are over 4,000 universities and over 20 million students in America, do you pick the right ones?
We use high school attainment data to identify outperformers from disadvantaged backgrounds. We take details of candidates’ home backgrounds – where they grew up, the school they attended, their personal circumstances – and use them to identify disadvantaged outperformers.

Knowing a student got an ACT score of 25 in California in 2013, for example, tells us nothing. But knowing that they got 25 when the school average was 12, and that they outperformed their high school average by 108%, tells us a great deal. It tells us that we’re dealing with a driven, resilient outperformer – exactly the sort of person your business needs.
We spent a year using data scraping and mathematical techniques to build a database of all the residential addresses and all the public high schools in the US.

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